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SJP STUDIOS service stems from over 20 years of industry and creative experiences, developing and delivering unique solutions.

Early 90’s SJP achieved an HND in Graphic Design & Illustration. Spent very long days and nights with paper, beer mat, timber, wall or screen, pencil, brush, spray can or mouse in hand, designing and creating artworks, brands, murals, displays, graphics, ads, magazine covers and all things print.

Mid 90’s SJP secured the position as a Graphic Designer in the display, event and exhibition industry.  Was immersed every day for 20 years in all aspects of creativity, art working, design, consultancy and management, delivering time after time on many weird and wonderful projects, working from initial customer objectives through to total project completion.

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Founded in 2012 SJP STUDIOS has flourished into a successful enterprise – generating new opportunities and further expanding through a network of customers. Honing in on a natural flare for creative thinking, whilst utilising both computer aided and traditional mixed media methods, managing and working with artisans and specialist suppliers.

SJP STUDIOS continues to deliver unique solutions for individuals and leading commercial brands, meeting client needs and establishing SJP STUDIOS as a specialist creative solutions provider.