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After achieving a HND (has no degree) in Graphic Design & Illustration, I continued to hone my flare for creativity in the university of life, utilising the most advanced image manipulation tools and technology available, spending very long days and nights working on and with my media of choice, beer mat, paper, timber, wall, or screen, pencil, brush, spray can or mouse in hand , designing, art working creating everything from brands, murals, display graphics, ads, magazine articles, front covers, to all things print, i now felt like a real graphic designer.

Landing myself a job with a title 'Graphic Designer' in the display, events, and exhibition industry in my early 20’s I immersed myself in all aspects of art working design, consultancy and management, delivering time after time on many weird, wonderful and simply outrageous projects, from initial customer objectives to total project completion. Continually improving my 'people skills' generating new opportunities and building up a large network of friends colleagues and specialist suppliers, travelling the world delivering creative solutions.

SJP STUDIOS service stems from over 20 years of creative experience providing developing and delivering unique solutions for many leading names, brands and sometimes the craziest of ideas and establishing SJP STUDIOS as a 'specialist creative solutions provider', so whether its a what if .... ? or an I want a .... !

my work is to discover your world and then with all my heart give myself to it